About Me

IMG_9636Photography and video production is not just what I do, but runs in my blood. My great, great, great, grandfather rode a covered wagon in the 1850’s traveling the mid-west with his camera. His seven sons (Burgert Bros) were also professional photographers that media has shown to be impactful in Florida history.

Video editing has always been an passionate interest, and Sun Peak Productions is my creative outlet. I want my creativity, knowledge, to shine on others through my work.

I am a father of two amazing kids, a blessed husband, that has experience in the hospitality and alcohol beverage industry in various capacities.

I relate my photography of people like an old west gun slinger. I wait for that moment when somebody says something funny, and everyone is laughing. That’s the photo I go for. The photo that has people shining at their peak in a natural unposed position, looking their best.

My marketing education and experiance help drive maximum delivery for my clients wanting to showcase their products and events.


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